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aka pipik baby slings

Constructed from one continuous loop of fabric - like the baby slings worn by ancient cultures - aka pipik baby slings are comfortable to wear and light to carry. Made from luscious fabrics, our slings enable the wearer to look funky while providing the excellent benefits of traditional slings.

Our baby slings can be used from birth up to 12kg. Babies snuggle up hammock style - deep within the sling's pocket with their heads close to your heart. Lulled into a doze by your closeness, warmth and love whilst you bank, shop or cruise the markets holding onto your ice-cream!

Slings are $90 + $10 postage and handling within Australia. Call us on 0417 805 129 or order online.

We are closed for the Holiday Season, all orders placed before 4th Jan will be processed on the 7th Jan.
From all of us at Aka Pipik we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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